Climate-Controlled Storage
In Tacoma, Washington

One of the more advantageous features we offer is climate-controlled storage. This keeps your belongings protected from big weather changes that can damage sensitive items such as memorabilia, furniture, or electronics. 12th Street Storage’s climate-controlled units provide an added layer of protection to keep your prized possessions intact, independent of the weather in Tacoma.

Climate-controlled storage units at 12th Street Storage in Tacoma, Washington

When It Matters Most
Choose Climate Control

Storing long-term? Looking for a place to keep your collectibles? Climate-controlled storage is ideal for the long-term storage of sentimental items, electronics, or furniture. Our climate-controlled units maintain a static temperature and humidity level to maintain the integrity of your things.

Have questions? Reach out to our friendly on-site management team for more information about climate-controlled storage or for help choosing the right unit for your belongings.

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